The Very Best of John Williams


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This unbeatable John Williams collection features 28 easy piano arrangements by Dan Coates.

Song list
America..The Dream Goes On
Anakin’s Theme
Augie’s Great Municipal Band and End Credits
Can You Read My Mind?
Cantina Band
Duel Of The Fates
Ewok Celebration and Finale
Harry’s Wondrous World
Hedwig’s Theme
Jar Jar’s Introduction and the Swim to Otoh Gunga
Olympic Fanfare And Theme
Olympic Spirit
Princess Leia’s Theme
Qui-Gon’s Funeral
Raider’s March
Schindler’s List
Somewhere In My Memory
Star Wars (Main Theme)
Superman (Theme)
The Flag Parade
The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)
Theme From “Jurassic Park”
Theme From “Return Of The Jedi” (Luke & Leia)
Theme From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Theme From E.T.
Theme From Jaws
Throne Room (and End Title)
Victory Celebration

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