Rotosound Tru Bass 88


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“The original Black Nylon bass guitar string”. Super smooth with ultra low tension transforms any electric bass into a jazzy upright sound. Great on a fretless bass. Also works well with any kind of jazz, fusion, dub and reggae styles.
When fitting Rotosound Bass Strings, be sure that the silked part of the string ONLY is wound around the machine post. If the speaking length of the string is wound around the post, the string may then be prone to breakage. This type of breakage is not covered by our normal warranty.
Gauge, Long Scale RS 88LD; .065, .075, .100, .115.
Gauge, Long Scale RS 88LD; .065, .075, .100, .115. .135, 5 String.

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Weight 240 g

5 String Set, RS 88LD