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The pocket-sized MA-20 is a compact metronome that contains complete functionality for accurate tempo production and display. Verbal tempo indicators, such as andante and allegro, are printed on the case. A tap-tempo function is included, and the large LCD display also helps indicate the tempo.
Suitable for a wide variety of musical styles, there are thirteen types of time signatures built in. Select from 0 to 7 beats, double and triple meter, triplets without the middle note, quadruplets, and quadruplets without the middle notes.

In the Sound Out mode, the twelve notes from C4-B4 can be output to an external amplifier, allowing you to tune to the note you desire.

The Calibration function lets you adjust the pitch of these notes in 1 Hz steps in either the modern 440 Hz pitch range (438-445 Hz) or the historical 415 Hz pitch range (413-420 Hz).

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